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Try our 100% pure island hydration: the one and only Coqui Dulce Certified Organic Coconut Oil.  Our formula is so pure that it is odorless, hence if you can smell the coconut in our inferior competitors' products, then you are getting extraneous proteins that won't benefit your skin.  


As with other coconut oils, our oil is a solid at less than 76 degrees Fahrenheit, but will melt in your hand as soon as scoop it out of the jar.  When you apply it to your skin, you will immediately notice the immense hydration of the Virgin Islands.


100% Vegan.


For external use only.  


10 Ounce Net Weight = 283 grams


Coqui Dulce 100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil (Odorless)

SKU: P17071
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