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Coquí Dulce by Protect U Guard LLC

Coquí Dulce harnesses the hydration secrets of the Virgin Islands with Organic Coconut Oil and Essential Oils to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.  Our beloved Coquí tree frog symbolizes this moisturizing goodness from nature that has been revered for centuries by the Taino Indians in the islands.  Our soaps are formulated the way the Taino Indians have made soaps for generations.  Our Essential Oils are 100% pure organic goodness from Mother Nature herself. Our serums and lotions also utilize the best nutrients to mobilize your skin's natural healing powers.  And our Lip Balms and Scrubs will help to soothe and repair damaged skin.   Since our inception, growth has been exponential, due to discerning customers like you who demand organic, vegan alternatives to the artificial ingredient world we live in.

Organic and Vegan - only the best for your skin.

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It's All About The Sources and the Formulations

Our founder, during the last decade, has been sailing off and on through the Caribbean Islands.  One summer, while on St John in the US Virgin Islands, he encountered the natural way to produce soaps using coconut oil.  Taking this knowledge, he set upon formulating his organic island soaps - the Taíno way, naming them Coquí Dulce, after the ubiquitous, revered tree frog in the islands.  You will love them!  All-Organic!  With the magic of coconut and jojoba oils and with organic essential oil for that perfect therapeutic fragrance.  Now THAT is the way to make soap that your skin will thank you for using every day!  

We source our ingredients and products with only the most trusted partners and we live and preach the concepts of Six Sigma, ISO 9001, and good manufacturing practices to ensure the best quality product is there for you to revitalize your skin.   Our partners also always exhibit ethical free-trade principles and our preservatives are naturally occurring and FDA-approved.



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Call Us If You Are Interested in the Best Products You Will Ever Try!  Hands Down!   Let's connect.

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