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Protect U Guard LLC

Below Are Our Specifications, Safety Data Sheets, and Certificates of Analysis:

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It's All About The Sources and the Formulations

With his two decades of experience of infection prevention in hospitals and clinics, our founder knew what would bring about better adherence to hand hygiene - luxurious-feeling sanitizers and soaps without the greasy feeling but with just the right amount of moisturizers.  The available options for his facilities were not up to par, therefore he went about discovering better formulas and now produces the most gentle yet effective soaps and sanitizers on the market.  Take it from all of our customers - they love them!  


Meanwhile, during the last decade Dr Laartz had been sailing through the Caribbean, providing medical care to islanders along the way.  One summer, while on St John in the US Virgin Islands, he encountered the natural way to produce soaps using coconut oil.  Taking this knowledge, he set upon formulating his organic island soaps - the Taino way, naming them Coquí Dulce.  You will love them!  All-Organic!  Only 4 Ingredients!  Now THAT is the way to make soap that your skin will thank you for using every day!

We source our ingredients and products with only the most trusted partners and utilizing the concepts of Six Sigma, ISO 9001, and good manufacturing practices ensures the best quality is available to you.  



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Protect U Guard LLC

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