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Protect U Guard LLC

Are you ready to develop, formulate, and market your own line of skincare, soaps, shampoos, or cosmetics?  We at Protect U Guard can manage the process for you every step of the way from formulating your products to developing your brand.  We have the marketing experience to ensure your products come out on top, in quality and performance.

We welcome you to visit our formulation lab, our product testing lab, and our marketing lab.  We employ the latest biochemical, microbiological, and graphic design techniques to ensure your products are brought to market as the safest, most appealing products in the world.  Our engineers have decades of experience with formulating hand sanitizers, soaps, shampoos, oils, and cosmetics.  If you have a dream, we will make it come true!

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+1 813-815-0530

Call Us If You Are Interested in the Best Products You Will Ever Try!  Hands Down!   Let's connect.

Protect U Guard LLC

8416 Laurel Fair Circle #104

Tampa, FL  33610

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