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Our luxurious organic coconut oil castile soaps are made the way nature intended: Hand-made with organic coconut oil and our special organic essential oils to hydrate your skin and leave your hands smelling and feeling refreshed, without the harmful chemicals of today's soaps.  


Foaming, rich lather cleans your hands like no other soap you have tried before.  We make our soaps the way our ancestors on the Caribbean islands have made soaps for centuries.   Castile soaps use the process of saponification to turn coconut oil and jojoba oil into soap.  The result is a hydrating formula to which we add nature's goodness in the form of essential oils.


100% Vegan.


Choose from these organic essential oils and these beautiful bottle colors to indulge your senses and your decor:


Lavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus-Mint, and Geranium.


They are offered in cool Passion Pink, Powerful Purple, or Cool Cobalt Blue foaming bottles!


Note:  Our coconut oil soaps have no coconut odor, just the natural scent of the essential oils above.  pH balanced with citric acid and enriched with Vitamin E.  Keep out of eyes.  Castile Soaps will turn cloudy and settle, especially in colder temperatures.  Keep out of reach of children.  External Use Only.

Coqui Dulce Organic Coconut Oil Castile Soap - 400 ML

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